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29-Feb-2008, 16:36
I've been carrying my Razzle around in a shoulder bag - it's brilliant but carrying it every day this week has resulted in a shoulder complaint. The bag offers little protection considering how badly I must throw it around on public transport etc.

I've decided that it should be better protected in a hard case.

30 cheapo hard case, you can see the camera plus film holder (in this case the 550, with 3 boxes of film below - usually a stack of DDS) with cleaning cloth on top. Behind this the flash, light meter, batteries, radio trigger and lens hood - all these slid between loose lumps of foam.

I quite like how easy all the pieces are to fit and pull out at will compared to the shoulder bag, which was only good for pulling the camera out quickly and was a nightmare for film holders. Also seen is an 8x10 grey card that sits atop the left side, and extra pieces of foam that sit on top of the Razzle.



Anybody use anything similar for their kit?

Michael Graves
1-Mar-2008, 08:22
Got one that looks just like this that I use for lighting accessories. It was $29.95 at Home Depot in the power tools department. The very same one was $49.95 at the local camera store. As much as I wanted to support my local camera store, $20.00 can still buy a box of 4x5 film, a decent meal or even a gallon and a half of gasoline.

1-Mar-2008, 08:33
The outside looks like the cases Amovona sells on Ebay. Their cases have dividers instead of foam but it's easy enough to fit some foam.

1-Mar-2008, 11:21
Michael, I noticed there was one in the electronics store next to where I work, the cost was the same - I chose to support the camera store ;)

Nick, this one came with dividers as well :)

1-Mar-2008, 11:28
Is that GG that is face-up? If so, I hope that little square of foam is your GG protector. I just broke my first GG and realize how lucky I've been so far (and how lucky I was to have bought a spare GG last year... "just in case".