View Full Version : Instant Sheet Film vs. Pack Film

Derek Flack
29-Feb-2008, 09:02
Hello All --

(I originally improperly posted a longer thread involving film in the gear thread, but this final question is still relevant to the gear topic).

I have the polaroid 545 holder. There have been mixed comments about whether or not Fuji instant film can be used in this holder. Any thoughts? Should I just buy the Fuji holder so that I could use their quickload film at some point in the future?

I sincerely appreciate all responses.

Bryan Treen
9-Mar-2008, 18:16
Hi Derek:
I use a polaroid 545i holder and use it with polaroid type 55 and Fuji Acros quickloads. No problems.

Ron Marshall
9-Mar-2008, 21:47
Holder compatibility chart:


Ole Tjugen
9-Mar-2008, 23:34
The question was about Fuji Instant film, not quickloads.

I'm interested in an answer too, now that Polaroid seems to be gone...

Dirk Rösler
10-Mar-2008, 00:34
Fuji 4x5 packfilm needs Pola 550 or Fuji PA-45 holders. There are equivalents for the smaller size packfilms.

Pola 545 accepts sheet based films, like 55 or quickloads.

David A. Goldfarb
10-Mar-2008, 04:45
Fuji instant pack films cannot be used in a 545 sheet film holder.

Fuji Quickload films (which are not instant) can be used in a 545 sheet film holder, but some people have concerns about film flatness with this combination.