View Full Version : Gitzo G340 vs G1340: Differences?

Arne Norris
14-Feb-2008, 16:29
Can anyone tell me what differences there are between the current G1340 model and the G340 model?

I'm wondering if they are both suitable for a Master Technika (ie., if there's a difference in capacity, and if the G340 takes the current center columns and so forth.

Scott Whitford
15-Feb-2008, 08:42

I use a 1340 and Arca Swiss B1 with a Technika V and it's PLENTY stable.


John Koehrer
15-Feb-2008, 09:52
Going back to the deep, dark cesspool that is my mind, IF I recall correctly the Legset itself was G340, G1340 was the same with darker(newer) paint.
then 1341/1342 were the same legs with different center columns. Rapid or gear drive.

Arne Norris
15-Feb-2008, 19:40
Thanks for the info guys! Seems to make sense.