View Full Version : Metered Light - Metrolux II & Pocket Spot Meters

R Mann
30-Jan-2008, 11:41
Ran across this - Metered Light is planning to make another set of Metrolux II timers and Pocket Spot Meters -


Eric Biggerstaff
30-Jan-2008, 11:48
If I had the cash, I would jump on getting a Pocket Spot! They are tough, accurate and easy to use.

David Hempenstall
30-Jan-2008, 21:22

after I dropped my minolta spotmeter F and it exploded on the pavement I've been using the Pocket Spot.


The guys are a little hard to contact at times, but the unit I own is truly brilliant.

Tiny, accurate, TOUGH, tiny, TOUGH, accurate, TOUGH, tiny, and finally accurate.

It took all of ten minutes using it to be convinced.


Mark Tweed
31-Jan-2008, 11:49
When forum member Matthew Cordery elected to sell his Metered Light Pocket Spot, I jumped on it. It's the very same meter Paul Butzi wrote about in his review of the product. It's about the size of a box of matches and yes, it's very accurate. Like many of you, I use a Pentax digital spot meter. Mine has the Zone VI modifications and in comparing the Pocket Spot to it, their EV readings are usually within 1/3 of a stop if not 'spot' on. To credit the Pentax, it is probably more accurate (in aim, not reading an EV value) when selecting the smallest of shadow areas surrounded by lighter fields, but that may be its only advantage.

This little meter will shine on long hikes or for backpacking use. The Pentax, for me, has been eminently packable but substituting it with the Pocket Spot allows me to tuck yet another lens along in my compact camera bag. And as David notes above, it is extremely rugged and well built.

If you haven't read it, check out Paul's review of this mini meter.