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28-Jan-2008, 15:05
I was under the impression that a Grafmatic was a Grafmatic, so I bought a second one only to discover that the second one I've got is slightly different and doesn't fit my Ebony back (or my Chamonix for that matter). So what's going on, the second one has a ridge on either long side that sticks out more than the other - what's that all about? :(

I notice one is called a 'Graphic' and one a 'Graflex'

If I were to skim off the lugs would it still work the same? I realise it's also missing two small lugs on the top that stop on the back of the camera.

Kevin Crisp
28-Jan-2008, 15:12
From the .org website:

Graflex Back
The Graflex Back was offered on some Pacemaker models as an option, but is usually found on the "Graflex" SLR cameras. It features separate removable focusing panel, as in the Graflok back, but is not a desirable feature on a Graphic. Graflex back cut film holders and Grafmatic backs are a larger size than Graphic and Graflex back items, and are often difficult to obtain.

Maybe this is what you have, a grafmatic meant for this back. I've never actually seen one so I can't say. There were three different backs (spring, Graflok and Graflex) so maybe this is it. I've seen all the generations of Graflok Grafmatics (even the one made in England) and they all have essentially the same dimensions though features do vary some.

Paul Ewins
28-Jan-2008, 15:21
The second one you purchased was meant for the older "Graflex" style back found on some older Speed Graphics and on the Graflex SLRs. You can't really modify it to fit as the film register distance is different. However as these are a lot rarer you should be able to get someone to swap for the style you want without too much trouble.

See here: http://members.optusnet.com.au/~paulewins/resources/grafmatic.htm for a more visual explanation.

28-Jan-2008, 15:34
Thanks for the info chaps, trust me to get the rare one that's no use to me!

29-Jan-2008, 00:09
The "regular" grafmatics come in different types too. The main noticable difference is that one uses a plastic handle, the other a metal one. Having cracked a few of the plastic ones, I recommend the other type.

29-Jan-2008, 08:41
PM sent.