View Full Version : Gitzo Low Profile Head

Terry Hull
28-Jan-2008, 04:40
I bought a 2272M low profile head yesterday. I assumed it would work with my SW45 Ebony, but find after trying it I am unable to screw in the locking lever, that gives it rigidity, because the camera itself restricts the screw in lever from going around. Is there any way to solve the problem? I like this head and would prefer to use it.

Emmanuel BIGLER
28-Jan-2008, 07:08
I started to suggest (too fast !) to add a quick release plate but the 2272 already has a built-in quick release system !
I have a similar problem with a Hasselblad quick release plate from the seventies, there is a safety catch underneath that interferes with the big Gitzo plate of my (discontinued) 1370 head.
The simplest solution would be to add some spacer stuff to allow a minimum of clearance to the lever ; the head would not be as low profile as expected...
Stacking another quick-release system would be as absurd as stacking two chameleons on top of each other in order to discover the real color of a chameleon ! ;)