View Full Version : Bags-Lowepro Omni Treker Extreme vs Lightware

Greg Liscio
27-Jan-2008, 14:11
Opinions on these two bags, please. I have a Canham 4X5, 2 lenses, light meters, Canbo viewer, film carriers, etc.

Will either/neither pass for airline carry-on? Looks like the dimensions are larger than the average airline limit (22 X 14 X 9).

Thanks all.


Jeff Keller
28-Jan-2008, 00:17
The Lowepro Vertex 300 is advertised on the lowpro web site as being airplane friendly. I believe that only applies to domestic flights. The Omni Trekker should be fine as it is smaller. It also looks like the Omni doesn't have the padded waist belt the Vertex has. I like the Vertex put haven't tried getting it on a plane yet. Good luck choosing.

Gordon Moat
28-Jan-2008, 10:08
I am using a Lowepro CompuTrekker as a carry-on. This fits just under the airline regulations of every airline I was able to check. Inside is my usual 4x5 kit with numerous holders and two lenses, with plenty of room to spare. I chose a CompTrekker because it is easy to pack Quickloads and Readyloads into it, or I can carry a laptop. I often add one or two 60AW pouches. The tripod goes into my checked bag.

Given an alternative choice, I might look into a wheeled bag. While that would lose a little space in the bag, it would be easier getting around larger airports.


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