View Full Version : Is Photo Technik International available by subscription?

10-Dec-2000, 15:00
I checked Linhof's and HP's webpage, as well as other webpages, and found nothing regarding the availability by subscription in the United States of Linhof's magazine, Photo Technik International (German edition). The English version was canceled in 1998. I would appreciate any information you have as to its availability in the United States, the annual subscription price, and address. I thank you in advance. Regards,

Bob Salomon
31-Dec-2000, 06:23
Yes directly frrom Germany from the subscription company that bought Grosbild the Publisher of IPT.

Neither Linhof or HP are involved.

If you call me I can find the address. 800 735 4373

Niki Bibby
28-Apr-2001, 12:48
Not really an answer but yet another question. My father used to subscribe many years ago in England for IFT but not recently. He is now looking to continue buying the magazine and I have come to many dead ends in trying to find an English publication company that I can obtain it from. Would possibly look towards the US as a last resort. Any help please would be greatly appreciated.

Patricia Johnson
1-Aug-2004, 15:23
I have copies that belonged to my dad...the collection ends with 1978. I am also trying to locate current editions of International Photo Technik. I have found historical copies for sale online but nothing recent. Were you able to find a source to obtain a current subscription to this magazine?

Bob Salomon
1-Aug-2004, 16:04
Photo Technik is no longer published in English and it has not been in English for several years. It also has not had a connection to Linhof or to HP marketing for several years as well.

Martin Patek-Strutsky
2-Aug-2004, 07:27
The old PTI had some old fashioned charm. Since the new publisher took over it is only one more magazine rewriting press releases for their advertising clients.