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John Kasaian
16-Jan-2008, 23:27
I won a video camera case on the 'bay----its fiberglas and aluminium with the right demensions to hold my 'dorff and a passel of film holders:D It looks to be mil-spec as it has a pressure relief valve so the case can be transported on unpressurized aircraft (but maybe not) and it is very heavy (so maybe it is) After a coat of new light gray paint to obscure the "video camera" stencilled on the side of the case (no sense in dissappointing thieves who were expecting a video camera) I'd like to replace the foam innards. It currently has an egg crate open cell foam and my experience with aged open cell foam hasn't been good (crumbles) so I was wondeing if someone here could recommend a more suitable product for padding.

17-Jan-2008, 01:54
You could always buy the big blocks of foam (available in the UK from DIY style stores, so probably abundant in the states) and then cover with a suitable soft nylon sheet?

If you look at a lot of bags they have the nylon covering sewn over foam, probably for (aside from aesthetics) that reason - durability.

Just an idea :)

Greg Lockrey
17-Jan-2008, 03:07
Depending on the diamensions of your case, you could use those adjustable ipadded dividers that Pelican cases use that can be purchased seperately from most online photo retalers. These are padded and covered with a nylon like material that have velcro adjusting panels. An example: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/77252-REG/Pelican_PC1525_1525_Padded_Divider_Set.html