View Full Version : Pentax Spotmeter V

9-Jan-2008, 10:56
Anyone taken one apart? Mine is working great but the two nuts that hold the exposure wheel fell off. They are rattling around inside. I still use it, but it is a pain!
If it is not a DIY project, can anyone receommend a repair shop in the sunny Pacific Northwest? I am new to Washington (Tri Cities area). Thanks


Scott Kathe
9-Jan-2008, 11:46
Quality Light Metric in Hollywood, CA will recalibrate the spotmeter for you and I'm sure they will tell you if they can fix your rattle. I'd be a little worried about a short with a piece of metal banging around in there but then again I'm a little paranoid about such things. Very fast turnaround time and he recalibrated my Soligor analog spotmeter for $75. Here is the phone # 323 467-2265

If it were me I'd probably open it up and take a look.


9-Jan-2008, 11:48

I've had repairs done by KEH in Atlanta. They cailbrated a Pentax 1/21 meter and installed a new bellows on my Tachihara. I was very happy with the quality of their work and customer service. The turnaround time was excellent in both cases.