View Full Version : Arca-Swiss Monoball vs B1

Chris Dunham
3-Jan-2008, 17:25
Hi Folks,

Whats the essential difference between the Arca Monoball head and the later B1 head?


Ben Chase
3-Jan-2008, 20:37
I don't believe there is any difference, they are one in the same I believe. I have a B1, and when I bought it, it was called the Arca-Swiss B1 Monoball...

Peter Lewin
4-Jan-2008, 05:01
I think we have to be very careful with semantics here. I have an original Arca Swiss Monoball, and it is much larger and heavier than the later B1 heads. The original, besides the size and weight differences, had a large plastic locking knob and a separate small metal tension adjusting screw with a knurled head, located below and to the side of the main knob. Later models always included a model identifier (such as B1) in addition to the word "Monoball."

Chris Dunham
4-Jan-2008, 20:01
Thanks all, appreciate the replies,