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1-Jan-2008, 00:46
I recently received a spot meter, but I am not sure how to use it. I've messed around with it and it does take a 9Volt battery which I have not tested/replaced yet. The Meter says "Honeywell Pentax 1/21 Meter" it has a dial on the side and two buttons on the front (under the lens?) "B" and "L" Any general advice/instruction or links would be greatly appreciated.

1-Jan-2008, 00:57
B = Battery checker button
L = Metering button

Dial is similar to the other meters, EV, ISO, speed and aperture, etc.

1-Jan-2008, 00:59
You can go to the following link:

and download the manual of a Pentax spotmeter V (seems similar to your)

1-Jan-2008, 01:04
Thanks for the quick reply.