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Josh L.
25-Dec-2007, 23:46
I did a fair amount of searching through the forums before posting this, but i couldn't find anything of help. I have a 4x5 and i'm looking for a case, preferably a back pack, but here's the twist its a studio camera not a field camera. I've been looking into the f.64 back packs, but i'm open to anything.

Thanks for any help

26-Dec-2007, 03:38
I have the same issue---there aren't any bags made for monorail type cameras, only cases. So you can either take the case along ing a buggy/cart or tear it down and fit it into a bag. Neither is really a good option.

Walter Calahan
26-Dec-2007, 04:42
Lightware makes a LF case for monorail cameras. Don't remember its catalog # or size.

26-Dec-2007, 04:59
Maybe one of these? Although I don't desire to take my Sinar P out into the field, each of these seems big enough to do that (but not cheaply).

Kata Grizzly-3:



Kata BP-502:



Osprey Waypoint 80:


Matt Blaze
26-Dec-2007, 16:16
I seem to be traveling a lot with my monstrously big and heavy (for a 4x5) Sinar P (three commercial air round trips in the last month), and definitely feel your pain.

My secret to packing the Sinar is the six inch rail extension. To pack, I add the extension to the main rail, slide the front standard, clamp, and rear standard onto the extension (with the bellows on), remove the main rail, lock it down, and wrap it up. The camera ends up six inches thick, and with the bellows reasonably well protected. It fits in almost any (camera or non-camera) backpack this way. (I use an ordinary backpack, which is also my main carry-on when flying).

It's not quite as convenient to work out of this as a specialized hard case, but it's do-able (it takes but a moment to put the main rail back on and get the thing ready to shoot).