View Full Version : F.64 BPX and Sinar F question???

kevin kelly
9-Dec-2007, 14:09

I have a question maybe somone can answer for me. I need to get a backpack that will accomadate a Sinar F. I've been looking at the F.64 BPX and its nearly a 100 bux cheaper than the equivalent lowerpro offerings.

The question. Will the BPX accomadate the Sinar F ???

Thanks in advance.

Brian Ellis
10-Dec-2007, 09:22
I use an f64 backpack but I can't tell the size of your camera (4x5, 8x10, etc.) or which backpack the f64 BPX is from your message. In other words, is your camera a 4x5, 8x10, or what and is the BPX the 4x5 or 8x10 f64 back pack (as far as I know they only make packs in those two sizes). My f64 pack is the 8x10 size but I don't remember the model designation. I've used it with both a 4x5 and an 8x10 system.

10-Dec-2007, 11:29
I used an f64 backpack with a Sinar F1 and a 65mm Schneider with bag bellows. I also had the acordian style bellows in the bag for use with my pinhole lensboard. Also I had a light meter and up to 15 holders and a Holga in the bag as well. It all fit very nicely and weighed about 35lbs.

Andrea Gazzoni
10-Dec-2007, 12:36
Hi Kevin, where in Europe can you buy that backpack?
I've tried www.f64studio.ro but it has no english version...
thank you

Sanjay Sen
10-Dec-2007, 13:27
Brian, the F.64 BPX is the larger of the two backpacks that they make, meant for 8x10 cameras. The 4x5 version is the F.64 BP.