View Full Version : Fireproof Cabinets for negs?

6-Dec-2007, 17:13
Can anyone recommend a good fireproof media cabinet that doesn't cost more than my 9880 and still has a good bit of room?

I found one by fireking, but I don't think it's rated well for heat: http://www.firesafestore.com/storagecabinets.htm

It seems like if you want a decent fire rating, it cost 6k and it's tight on interior space :-\

Mainly just want to protect my 4x5 negs and possibly DVD's (backups).


16-Dec-2007, 16:52
My advice is get a safe deposit box for the bulk of your archive and just have a small desktop fir box for whatever you are currently working on. I also keep a total set of hard drives with all my images/music/billing in the safe deposit box and will update them once a month (if I remember).

Matt Blaze
16-Dec-2007, 19:40
I posted a reply to your identical thread in the digital forum, before I realized you posted your question in multiple groups. Anyway, you may find the answers there helpfui.

16-Dec-2007, 20:11
You need a "media safe". Rather than keep out burglers, a media safe is designed to keep temperatures under 125farenheit. They are rated by the hours of protection they provide and cost several thousand dollars.

Eric Woodbury
16-Dec-2007, 20:36
If this is a safe for a random house fire, then it needs to be media rated. But be sure you understand what that means. A media safe is only good for one hour at temperature. If you are threatened by wildfires and the like, then there is nothing and you need a bunker, bomb shelter, or underground vault. Chose wisely.