View Full Version : Pentax Digital Spotmeter Screw Size

eric black
6-Dec-2007, 08:57
Any chance that a forum member might happen to know the size of the screws that hold the ASA dial ring in place? There are 3 screws there and I'm now down to 1- the little buggers keep falling out and I keep forgetting my vow to use Lok-tite on them.

Michael Gordon
6-Dec-2007, 09:36
Size? Small! :) I've got and always have the same problem!

Donald Miller
6-Dec-2007, 09:44
I believe, to the best of my recollection, that they are 4-40 flat head (I could be wrong). Most hardware stores carry a selection of miniature screws and will have what you need.

6-Dec-2007, 12:02
Another place to check would be a gunsmith.

I'm glad I don't have any screws loose. ;-)


Rich Voninski
6-Dec-2007, 16:00
I got the exact same problem. I have just been using mine without. But if somebody finds it please fill me in.


6-Dec-2007, 19:22
me too! i just do not use the dial anymore. the little arrow lines up wit hthe correct film speed. just pay close attention and it becomes very easy.


Ted Harris
6-Dec-2007, 19:39
Call Richard Ritter or send him an email ... he repairs them.


eric black
7-Dec-2007, 06:57
thanks all- with this info Im sure I can get things to the point where Im the only loose screw hanging around my camera bag

J D Clark
7-Dec-2007, 22:04
I had similar screw losses -- I wrote Pentax Imaging, and their reply was to call their Repair Parts Department at (800) 877-0155. Ultimately, they sent me several of the screws free of charge.

John Clark