View Full Version : Alternatives to Gnass Gear for 4x5 film holders

4-Dec-2007, 09:24
I'm currently carrying my 4x5 film holders in velcro lenswraps. This is a clumsy arrangement and usually results in some pretty blue language when I fumble a holder out onto the ground, or have to sort through the holders looking for the ones with unexposed sheets.

Gnass seems to have a good rep here, but they've been closed down for some time. Anyone know of a good alternative?


Walter Calahan
4-Dec-2007, 09:52
I like this for film holders.

I have them for 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10. Don't know if they are still selling the larger sizes, but this one will fit a bunch of 4x5s very well.


Keith Pitman
4-Dec-2007, 09:54
I put them in one gallon Glad freezer bags and leave them in my pack until I want to use them. That said, check out sporting goods at WalMart for nylon food containers. They have a variety of sizes and they are really inexpensive.

4-Dec-2007, 09:58
I use ziplocks inside a separate back pack.

I also have a couple of those walmart 6 pack of beer holder cooler things.

4-Dec-2007, 10:07
Have you seen this F.64 bag (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/91702-REG/F_64_FH4X5_FH4X5_4x5_Film_Holder.html) ?

Brian Ellis
4-Dec-2007, 10:10
I just put them in the back pack with each holder in a ziplock sandwich-type baggie.

4-Dec-2007, 10:33
Have you seen this F.64 bag (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/91702-REG/F_64_FH4X5_FH4X5_4x5_Film_Holder.html) ?

I'm liking that, but it means buying some other bits to justify the delivery to the UK - Oh what a shame! ;)

4-Dec-2007, 10:43
Free insulated bags designed to hold two baby bottles (hold 4 holders), individual holders in qt (liter) size ziplocs. The insulated bags zip close.

For 8x10's I have similar insulated bags designed to hold two wine bottles (holds 5 to 6 holders).


Sanjay Sen
4-Dec-2007, 10:47
Have you seen this F.64 bag (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/91702-REG/F_64_FH4X5_FH4X5_4x5_Film_Holder.html) ?

Those are the ones I use: they hold six 4x5 holders, have a zipper that keeps out dust, are very well padded, have a pouch for the dark slide, and a shoulder strap. I couldn't ask for anything more. :)

4-Dec-2007, 10:59
My favorite bag system for hauling 35mm equipment was the Kinesis system, but I haven't started using it for my LF stuff (but plan to). I really like their belt system, and I think it will make sense for holding all the extra little things (loupe, meter, darkslides) as I shoot. They have a pouch for holders:



Ed Richards
4-Dec-2007, 11:54
Since cold beer is essential to survival in the south, we have a great selection of small 6-pack coolers. I use ones that have a rigid plastic liner and a zip top, with a side strap for shoulder carrying. They hold 25 4x5 holders. The rigid body lets me work out of the cooler for hand held shooting. Just pull out a holder, shoot, then put it in at the other end of the stack, top down.

Gordon Moat
4-Dec-2007, 16:04
Mostly using freezer bags, though the Gnass Gear stuff looks interesting. I think PhotoBackPacker.com is working on some Readyload/Quickload holders. Depending upon how/if those turn out, I might go that direction in the future. Probably always keep using freezer bags too; keeps dust levels minimal when traveling.


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Frank Petronio
4-Dec-2007, 19:45
Large Ziplocs that hold five at time and daypacks...

Jim Becia
5-Dec-2007, 06:03
I found some cheap insulated lunch "coolers" at a Dollar Store for $1 each. They hold 10 4X5 holders perfectly and fit nicely into my Kelty pack. For $1 each they are tough to beat. Jim

www.spiritlightphotography.com (http://www.spiritlightphotography.com)

5-Dec-2007, 13:35
I found some cheap insulated lunch "coolers" at a Dollar Store for $1 each. They hold 10 4X5 holders perfectly and fit nicely into my Kelty pack. For $1 each they are tough to beat. Jim

www.spiritlightphotography.com (http://www.spiritlightphotography.com)

Exactly right! In fact, I picked up 3 of these at the end of the day at a company picnic (for free) and they hold all of my holders. and they are somewhat insulated, to boot, which I think is advantageous here in TX.

Jerry Flynn
5-Dec-2007, 13:59
I have a couple pouches I got from Calumet. They came as a set - one black (unexposed, I assume - or maybe B&W) and the other red (exposed or maybe color). I use them for Grafmatics and they hold six, so I would think they would hold a dozen 4X5 holders. They are nylon, have Velcro closures and belt loops on the back.

I believe Calumet still has them.

David Karp
5-Dec-2007, 14:47
I use these for 4x5 holders in my backpack: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=18842&highlight=vons

For bulk carrying, I use a 6 pack cooler, as others have mentioned. My "favorites" are arctic zone brand.