View Full Version : Choice of Carry-on DayPack w laptop sleeve

Frank Petronio
28-Nov-2007, 17:22
What's the best airline carry-on legal daypack that has a computer sleeve? But one that isn't a dedicated photo pack (ie not LowePro or ThinkTank).

I need something unpadded, I don't want to use dividers or any of the "photo" type acessories since I pack everything in smaller wraps and cases. But I need the laptop to be easily acessible for security check points...

Lightweight with a decent harness is important too.

Thanks -

Fred L
28-Nov-2007, 18:28
I know you said not LowePro but have you seen their Stealth Backpack ? Looks discreet and has some pockets that will hold gear but you could stuff them with anything really.

Other choice I like is the Crumpler line. I have the Karachi or Whickey and Cox , can't remember, doesn't scream gear.

Both packs will run you between $100-200.

David A. Goldfarb
28-Nov-2007, 19:10
I use one that I got from EMS for my 8x10" Gowland, but the models change every year, so it's probably best to go to an outfitter's shop and see what's hanging on the racks.

I carry the Tech V in a Crumpler Fux Deluxe, which was the largest bag they had at the time. The new large bag has some other exotic name. It's a messenger style bag, but I've found it pretty comfortable to carry, even fully loaded on a day hike. The weight is pretty well distributed.