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20-Nov-2007, 08:33
I am at a design Crossroad and would like to toss this up for this community:

Consider a backpack with interchangeable side pockets specifically sized for (1) Six 4X5 filmholders or (2) Five 5X7 or 2 boxed of readiloads - would you prefer:

1. Zippered access to the filmholder case along the periphery that faces you with the pack laying flat on the ground?


2. An attachment system that would allow you to easily remove the case from the pack and to clip it to your belt? Access in this case would be from the top - allowing you to easily shuffle through the deck of holders one at a time.

Note: 8X10 is too large for side pocket attachment and will be handled differently.

MIke Sherck
20-Nov-2007, 08:56
Option 1, but I need something for 8x10 holders. Three or four would be adequate for a backpack. Attaching them to the face of the backpack would be fine. At the moment I use cheap computer bags and cheap cooler bags: the padding gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. :)


David Karp
20-Nov-2007, 08:58
Honestly, it may depend on how they attach. Also, will there be a place to attach a tripod?

David A. Goldfarb
20-Nov-2007, 09:09
I like the option of taking them off the pack and moving them to my belt. Be sure they're big enough for Grafmatics, which are a little larger than normal filmholders. If you go with the belt pack option, it's also nice to have a small pocket on the belt packs for a notebook and pencil or a few small accessories.

Sometimes I might travel to a location with my large Crumpler Fux Deluxe, but then work in the field with a fanny pack for a few lenses and small accessories, a belt pack or two for filmholders, my Technika on a strap over one shoulder and the tripod on a strap on the other shoulder. A backpack that could entirely or partially convert in that way could simplify things, so it wouldn't be necessary to unpack one bag into another bag, though when I need to carry everything, the Crumpler is a nice bag to work out of.

Mark Stahlke
20-Nov-2007, 09:11
I like option 1.

Richard Wasserman
20-Nov-2007, 10:02
Option 1 would work the best for me. I agree with David that it should be sized for Grafmatics.

Eric Leppanen
20-Nov-2007, 11:29
Option 1 for me, as I mostly (although not exclusively) use Quickloads/Readyloads, and a belt attachment option wouldn't help since I still need a place to open the film box to access the film.

Ron Bose
20-Nov-2007, 12:07
Removable, but hanging it on the tripod .... but I already have a Gnass that does that for me, so Option 1 as long as I can put my Gnass inside it ....

20-Nov-2007, 12:14
My pack (front-loader) for my 8x10 has a detachable daypack on the front -- the daypack holds 5 to 6 8x10 holders and also has a front zippered pocket for the odds and ends (notebook, cable release, filters, etc.)
Works well.


20-Nov-2007, 13:42
Option 1. Currently I am using f.64 (4x5) film holder pouches (with strap) which I am putting inside the Nimbus pack. When needed I just hang the pouch from the tripod. The f.64 film holder pouches will not fit in the side zippered pouches of the Kelty 3100. It would be very convenient if they did. However, film holders alone will, but the side pouches of the 3100 are not light tight.

I second an attachment system for a tripod. When hiking the Virgin Narrows canyon in Zion, I had to strap my tripod horizontally across the top of the Nimbus pack. It worked, but in some areas where I had to scramble, the overhang resulted in a few dings on the Z1 ball head. Of course, the load would balance better with a vertical attachment system centred down the midline of the pack.

One thing I will mention is that the backerboard with lens holders attached slides perfectly into a 50L drybag, which is then placed into either the Nimbus or Kelty. This made gear protection in the canyons optimal and access straightforward. There were other photographers struggling with their LowePro Supertrekkers, many opting not to drybag their loads due to a huge inconvenience factor. We had at least half a dozen other photographers over the two days we spent in the canyon ask where we bought our system. Two of them actually tried on the Nimbus and were amazed at the comfort. I suspect you should see a few more orders heading your way Bruce. Looking forward to your next design.

Jim Rhoades
20-Nov-2007, 14:51
I too have two 4x5 film holders from my large f/64 pack. With all the straps, loops and padding I find them a pain. They hold seven holders. The best 4x5 film holder pack I have ever used was made by or for LL. Bean and was known as a "Traveler". The one I have is a perfect 5x8 by 5 1/4 tall. Light nylon with thin padding they hold ten holders. No extrainous stuff just the zipper to close it. As soon as I got the first one I ordered the last two then available. If one was made like that to hold 4 or 5 holders with just a belt loop that might work. KISS

20-Nov-2007, 15:57
Removable, but hanging it on the tripod .... but I already have a Gnass that does that for me, so Option 1 as long as I can put my Gnass inside it ....

Hi Ron:

What are the dimensions of the Gnass?


20-Nov-2007, 16:01
Honestly, it may depend on how they attach. Also, will there be a place to attach a tripod?

Yes - That will be included in the design.

David Karp
20-Nov-2007, 17:48
Assuming I like the attachment mechanism, I like the removable pack idea.

Robert A. Zeichner
20-Nov-2007, 18:25
I am currently using California Innovations insulated lunch bags for 5x7 holders and like them quite a bit. If I were manufacturing film holder bags, I would without fail use as light a colored material for the outside as possible, maybe white or even silvered fabric to reflect heat. I would make the interior darker. I would also try to devise a way to have the lid flap automatically close once I've removed a holder (elastic bands?). I'm very concerned about sunlight hitting the holders. A belt clip would be a plus. Some D-rings with a strap option is also a plus. A label holder where you could mark whether exposed or not and which emulsion might be another idea worth considering. What are we up to now, about $189 ea.? ;) Whatever you do, they should be roomy enough to accommodate the holders in zip lock bags to fight the dust problem and provide a place for exposure notes.

Robert Skeoch
21-Nov-2007, 13:05
I've been using a cooler bag to carry six 8x10 holders in. It's not going to last forever so don't forget about us 8x10 guys.
-Rob Skeoch

27-Nov-2007, 18:38
Been thinking, which always takes me a while. I think the toploading version that would enable ready access to the film by hanging the carrier from your belt, without needing to remove the backpack to reach your film, would be preferable. Just my inexperienced two cents.

28-Nov-2007, 10:07
Then again, in the spirit of assymmetry, maybe you could put a different type of holder on either side--or pack height and weight permitting, one holder of each type on both sides--though this is probably a little piggish and the space could be better utilized otherwise. I guess this gets me up to four cents worth, so I better quit before I get kicked off the forum.