View Full Version : Getting Started w Mats: How To Guides?

G Benaim
20-Nov-2007, 02:47
Hi All,

I'm finally thinking about matting and mounting, and was wondering if there's some sort of tutorial online for cutting mats. Also, which cutter fits the under $100 budget but will do a good job? Can one do dry mounting for 8x10s using an iron, or do I need a dry mount press? Thanks,


MIke Sherck
20-Nov-2007, 07:27
A Dexter matt cutter, the rounded hand version, works but requires patience and practice. A metal straightedge about 1/8" in height with a non-slip backing is an immense help. I used one for years before I found a premium Logan setup at an estate auction. My own experience is that a plan X-acto knife works but not very well and you're going to ruin a lot of matt board with it.

I also mounted with an old iron for years before acquiring a mounting press at auction. Again, it takes patience and practice but it works quite well, once you've mastered the technique and learned to keep everything clean.

One item which was more help to me than anything else: http://www.framing4yourself.com/equipment-supplies/designing-measuring.htm Look at the corner marker tool. I found a cheap plastic one at an auction (hmm) but have seen similar ones at arts& crafts stores, such as Hobby Lobby. Invest in a good, metal straightedge and T-square. Accurate 90 degree corners are your friends and *never* assume that matt board has square corners. You'd be amazed...

Luminous Landscape's well illustrated tutorial is at: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/matting.shtml

Adorama sells the Logan matt cutting video: http://www.adorama.com/LGV.html

This place sells another video: http://apps.webcreate.com/ecom/catalog/product_specific.cfm?ClientID=15&ProductID=18883 I've never seen either video, personally.

You're going to catch some flack from some quarters about the dastardly sin of dry mounting. Personally, I just ignore 'em. :)