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Martin Miksch
11-Nov-2007, 12:16
Today I won a bidding on this item; it was described as an add-on to a Gossen meter to meter on the groundglass. I can imagin to use that thing to see the contrast in the image on the GG, but can I read an absolut setting, I mean the light comes threw the lense and the glass itself takes some light. Is there a place where I can read something about that kind of metering or a manual or could some kind soul here explain how to compensate or calculate?
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Andrew O'Neill
11-Nov-2007, 16:15
I'll bet you'll have better results if you test it yourself. Expose a sheet to a controlled target such as a an evenly lit wall out of focus without the probe. Then make another exposure but this time with the probe to determin exposure. Compare the two negs. You'll be able to tell roughly how much to compensate and in which direction...or you can save film and just see the difference in exposure with and without the probe. If I had a probe I think I would use it only for close up work. That's when it would come in handy.

11-Nov-2007, 17:02
I don't see why actually taking any photographs would be necessary. Just spot meter something in your scene and meter it on the GG with the probe to get your exposure compensation factor. Should be constant, at least with the same lens set to the same aperture and at moderate to infinity focusing distances. I was going to say this but figured it was too obvious so I deleted it.

Bob Jones
11-Nov-2007, 22:44
I've never used one and know nothing about it, but Google came through for me. It looks like a PROFI-flex attachment for a Mastersix meter. If yours isn't exactly like this one at least you have some info on what Gossen intended.

Here is a link to a manual. See pages 4-9.

Mick Fagan
12-Nov-2007, 00:25
I have had one of these for many years, it's main function for me, is for taking light readings in extremely tight spaces. It is excellent doing that and that is/was it's main purpose, as I understand it.

As an aside it's function for GG readings are reasonably good, but a bit problematic in actually doing it. There is another attachment which is designed for GG TTL readings, which I believe is what the Sinar camera company, along with Gosson, developed.

It will do GG readings, but one of the neat party tricks is the ability to see around corners with this little nifty device.

By the way it works perfectly well on the Profi-Six and Master-Six, which are the two light meters it was originally designed for, AFAIK.