View Full Version : Pelican 1510 case and flying

David R Munson
5-Nov-2007, 14:39
Has anyone here used the Pelican 1510 case for flying with camera gear as your carry-on? Any problems? Also, what are your impressions of the case?


5-Nov-2007, 16:01
the only issue I've had is in airports where they enforce the weight limits for carryons (auckland....grr).

the case weighs 6+ kg empty, pelicans aren't exactly light.

David R Munson
5-Nov-2007, 20:31
Are they actually weighing carryons now? I've never run into that.

Pelicans are heavy but otherwise wonderful, IMO. I'm also looking into other options. I swear Tenba used to make a case that met carryon dimensions (it was made specifically to this point), but now I can't find it.

Frank Petronio
5-Nov-2007, 21:31
I use it with the foam removed and the gear wrapped in Lenswraps. I can fit with a Technika with grip, separately wrapped lens and finder, meter, accessory pouch, 545, 20 holders and several boxes of film, a box of Type 52 Pola (just the foil part), a Nikon D80, accessory pouch with charger and spare batteries, two Nikon lenses, sometimes my Powerbook charger. Put the heavier camera down near the wheels. It is great case and it fits onto US Commuters planes just fine. I can also stand and sit on it (and I am 230 lbs). I also carry-on a shoulder computer bag with laptop, books, papers, a small camera and Palm and junk.

You could go with a backpack but my thinking was that 1. Wheels are really nice in the airport and 2. If they are pricks and make me check it at the gate, in a Pelican my gear will probably be just fine because it is packed firmly and nothing is bounceing around, yet there is still some overall padding. I also pack it carefully, avoiding stress points that might cause a problem. I think soft cases that let things bounce around are more dangerous to your gear.

Tony Karnezis
5-Nov-2007, 22:25
Are they actually weighing carryons now? I've never run into that.

I flew Singapore Air to South Korea recently and they had a 12 lb weight limit (!). My Porter Case alone almost weighed that much. They wanted me to check in all my gear--2 Nikon SLRs, Leica M3, lenses, meter and an LCD projector. Luckily I could shove most of the cameras into my "personal" carry-on (computer bag). The kid behind the counter seemed to be into photography, so he let things slide without killing me with a weight penalty (something like $50 for every 3 lbs the bag was overweight).

Anyone know if other airlines typically enforce carry-on weight restrictions, or is it at the discretion of the employee (like hand-inspection of film)? I'm going to be flying with LF gear over Thanksgiving and Christmas and would like to know.

Louie Powell
5-Nov-2007, 23:18
My only encounter with weight limits on carryon has been on special charter flights - basically, smaller planes going to back of beyond places when they weighed everything, including passengers.

I did have an encounter with United between San Jose and the east coast a couple of years ago. No problem on the westbound leg, but the wimp at checkin in San Jose decided that the checked bag was too heavy for him to lift (he let his female colleague do it for him) and hit me with an overweight penalty.

6-Nov-2007, 03:10
I think auckland has an airport rule (not carrier) that limits carryons to 7 kg because of some stupid relic of boarding planes from those stairs (like of like at sjc). I was pulled out of a line and asked to weigh my bag and then everyone was very uncooperative about it containing photo equipment which I would have liked to stay on my person. In the end, I just paid to check it, they were being hard asses, which is so not kiwi in general...

flying sucks.

Tracy Storer
12-Nov-2007, 07:47
I've been using the 1510 for about two years as my lens/filter/meter case when I ship the 20x24 and fly to the shoot. It's a good case, and no problems except the lid foam seems to fall out most times when I open it.(probably because I keep a stack of model releases and stuff in the lid)
It is also available with dividers rather than the pluck-foam, I just wish it was available in colors. (the black 1510 replaced my old orange Pelikan-1520?)

Frank Petronio
12-Nov-2007, 08:24
I'm actually selling my 1510 once I unload the Technika because I want to switch to a smaller Think Tank backpack that can hold my laptop, 4x5, and dSLR all in one gulp. So... buy the Technika ;-)