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2-Nov-2007, 22:07
Yet another looking-for-new-tripod thread.

My Bogen 3221/3047 has served me very well the past ten-plus years I've had it. In that time I've put a lot of use on it, and my poor tripod is getting a bit cranky. One of the lower legs won't extend unless I pull it out by hand. The click-stop adjustments for the legs don't click anymore. The movements on the head are stiff and jerky. Its been a excellent combination for 35mm, medium format and lately large format. However, I think I'm pushing it beyond its limits for large format. Even though I keep the tripod extensions to a minimum and splay the legs out, it doesn't feel super stable for my 4x5 monorail. In fact, my 3221 looks positively anemic extended under the big camera. What I basically need is a heavier duty 3221 with similar features. I have no interest in carbon fiber.

I've narrowed my choices down to two models: a Gitzo G1340 or the G1410. The head will be a Manfrotto 3039; I have too many hexagonal plates kicking around here to replace them all for something else. Further, I've already picked up a couple of the big 4" 3297 quick release plates (they'll fit my 3047 and the 3039) for my large format cameras.

I'd like to query any Gitzo owners here about the 1340 or 1410. I'm leaning towards the 1340; it's specifications are very close to my 3221 except for the improved maximum weight capacity and lower minimum height of the Gitzo. However, the specifications are so close I wonder if the 1340 is actually any more stable than my 3221. If not, I may as well go for the 1410. The Gitzo literature states the 1410 is good for a 400mm lens, and my longest lens for my 4x5 is right at that; 450mm. I'm torn between the two tripods.

Yes, I've searched the forums first. I'd PM folks and stay off the boards but no one wants to admit owning a 1340 or 1410. :)

Can anyone with experience with these two please comment?

6-Nov-2007, 18:34
No Gitzo 1340 owners? I'm bumping this to see if anyone has any opinions.

Michael Mutmansky
6-Nov-2007, 20:47
There's no doubt that both will be better than a 3221. I've used a 3221 and a 410, which is the old numbering system for the 1410.

The 410 is a very heavy duty tripod, much more stable than the 3221, but I think it is probably overkill for 4x5 unless you are a real long lens shooter, or are planning on staying near the car (VERY near the car). I don't think you can go wrong with the 1410, but for the weight/bulk of it. I originally purchased it for a 500/4.5 lens for 35mm shooting, and it was a very stable base for that lens. I have no doubt that it will be more than sufficient for any 'regular' LF lens you could use on a normal camera.

I believe the 1410 tripod will be more stable than the camera when it's extended to 450mm, unless you have taken significant measures to stiffen up the camera through the use of a breadboard or other device.

I can't speak for the 1340 directly as I use a CF tripod (1348), but the difference between the Bogen and Gitzo tripods is quite considerable, even at the same weight class. They are really in two different classes of performance.

I can't be much more help, but to say that I do believe that either one will be a considerable improvement for 4x5 use, and if I were choosing, I would probably be going for the 13xx series, thinking that the 1410 is a bit overkill for field use with a 4x5.


8-Nov-2007, 10:50
Last week I was offered a Gitzo G1348 buy a member of the Texas Photo Forum from whom I have bought things from in the past. Send me a PM if you're interested.

28-Nov-2008, 13:10
I have a 1340 and it is a great tripod. I don't have a 400mm lens (my biggest is 200mm b/c I am just getting started) so I can't tell if it will hold it good but it is a very sturdy tripod and can get quite low

If you ask more specific questions I will be happy to answer them

Eugene van der Merwe
29-Nov-2008, 00:40
A colleague of mine uses a 1410 under a Plaubel 8 x 10, and has never had any worries about stability. This guy is fairly pedantic about stability and sharpness. Weight is a bit of a worry, i've used the tripod a few times too and it's not a joy to carry around!

john borrelli
29-Nov-2008, 08:31
I use a G1340 mk2 before I used the Bogen 3021.

The Gitzo is in another class in my opinion than my 3021. I would have needed to never use the smallest section of the Bogen legs for it to be equal to the Gitzo at full extension. I was lucky as I was able to pick up a demo 1340 at my local camera store at a great price. I sold the Bogen on Ebay.

The Bogen needed frequent adjustments of the leg clamp screws with a socket wrench, I checked the tightness of these bolts quite frequently. There are a lot of these screws and they needed to be tightened, but not overtightened or they would snap. They also can rust and then snap, I ended up replacing all the bolts with new ones. Not sure if Bogen has changed their clamp design over the years. No such issues with the Gitzo so far and I have had it for three or four years.

I was surprised by how tall the Gitzo is. It seemed much taller than the Bogen to me even though the stats were similar.

The 1340 has nice integrated spikes. I had purchased as an extra the Bogen add on spikes, I can assure you the Gitzo built in spikes are a much better design.

The weight of the two was fairly close even though the Gitzo seems to be much more heavily built than the Bogen.

Problems with the Gitzo:

As with most modern designs, Be careful around sand with the Gitzo. The legs fit very precisely within one another and there are these sleeves inside the Gitzo legs that seem to catch the sand, I actually carry my camera in one of those chair bags that you get free when you buy one of those collapsible lawn chairs; the bag works great by the way.

Another thing to look out for will be how your tripod head fits the tripod. I use the "pie plate" on my tripod rather than a center column. My bogen tripod head had a large panning knob near its base which didn't work that well with the tripod, as there wasn't enough clearance, the head was not the the 3039. I soon purchased an Arca Swiss ball head which is great with the pie plate.

My longest lens is a 300mm lens. I have never used the 1400 series. I am sure it will be even more stable but I am guessing it will probably seem much heavier even on short hikes.

Dave - Landscapes
29-Nov-2008, 18:02
I'm another satisfied user of the G340 (earlier version of the G1340) having used it continuously for all formats up to 5x7 (Canham) with 450mm lens for something like 12 years now. It is a great tripod and as John mentioned, it has the spike feet. Recently I bought the carbon fibre version (G1325) mainly to shed some weight for walks, hiking etc. It is good but doesn't have the spike feet. This doesn't seem to be a problem though on most surfaces including rock outcrops.

If you work on beaches or sandy or dusty areas, as John also mentioned, you need to keep an eye on operations. I usually clean mine fairly regularly after being in those environments and don't consider it a problem.

Also using the "pie plate" on top of both (interchangeable) together with a A/S B1 ball head.

So, another vote for the G1340.