View Full Version : Good, cheap tripod for crown graphic!

Bobby Ironsights
30-Oct-2007, 22:41
Well, you guys were so much help in choosing my lens, I now need advice for a tripod.

It should be very adjustable, as I'm in a wheelchair, and generally need far shorter heights than the average person.

However, my 20 dollar samsonite tripod was swaying like an elm tree today, in a mild breeze so I recognise the need for a better tripod.

I see now that a Crown Graphic catches much more wind than a 35mm with a normal prime.:p

I'd also like one that can go really, really close to the ground, if it is a reasonable request, as I like to photograph tombstones, and sleeping dogs.

I'd also like to spend under $100, if possible, as I'm a U. Student.
So, I've come to where the experts live.


John Kasaian
31-Oct-2007, 01:19
Crowns and Speeds are generally pretty happy aboard Tilt-all tripods availale used for well under $100 on ebay. If you really want to get close to the ground try reversing the center column--I'm not sure if this can be done on all Tilt-alls, but I was able to do it on a cheesy looking gold anodized "anniversary" model I bought several years ago (which a colleague borrowed and never got around to returning) A reversing center column will let you set the camera directly on the ground (or course you can do that without a tripod!)

Greg Lockrey
31-Oct-2007, 01:25
My wife also uses a chair. (I use her as a sherpa. ;) ) If I were you I'd get one of those that clamp onto a car window and put it on the arm rest. Or you can make one out of pieces and parts from Manfroto. They have all sorts of heavy clamps and ball sockets.

Walter Calahan
31-Oct-2007, 04:25
As Greg said, I'd try using your wheelchair as part of your tripod rig. A super clamp with a magic arm and a tripod head on top will allow you to position the ground glass for better viewing then trying to lean over to see the gg while seated in the wheelchair.

Good luck.

Terence McDonagh
31-Oct-2007, 05:36
I'd agree with Walter. The Bogen/Manfrotto Magic Arm with a Super Clamp is pretty useful. I use them to clamp to safety posts on my jobsite all the time. They can be a little shaky if not tightened down well. Also, a ballhead makes it more usable as it can sometimes be tough to get the platform level. It's basically a clamp with ball head, attached to a shaft with a hinge, attached to another shaft, attached to a platfrom with a ball head. And every thing tightens down with one knob. It can be a little like wrestling a piece of spaghetti, but once you get the hang of it it is great.


Bobby Ironsights
31-Oct-2007, 10:43
That's definitely an option, however, my chair is a lighweight "sports" model, and does not have any place I can think of to place tripod attatchement points.

It doesn't have armrests, backrest....etc.

I'm also concerned about using it as a tripod, because it doesn't have brakes. It's doesn't seem steady enough, as it moves and sways when I breathe or move at all, and because it's on wheels it can act like a pendulum, taking a while to settle down into perfect stillness.

It's been a problem when I shoot (bullets, not film)

But I'll look into that "tilt-all" tripod for sure.

***looking at the tripods available, I think I'll forgo the "very very short" and very very adjustable requirements and just look for a solid example***

31-Oct-2007, 15:53
It's been a problem when I shoot (bullets, not film)

LOL! What about recoil! ;)

I have this picture of you speeding backwards down the street after pulling the trigger...

Bobby Ironsights
6-Nov-2007, 11:43
LOL! What about recoil! ;)

I have this picture of you speeding backwards down the street after pulling the trigger...

Down the STREET! JESUS! I don't know about where you guys are from, but up here you get in trouble for shooting in the city streets!


But seriously though, recoil is always the same, always exactly the same, and the overwhelming majority of it happens after the bullet leaves the barrel.

In target shooting, a consistant variable, isn't a variable at all.

Jim Noel
7-Nov-2007, 14:14
A Tiltall, old or new. They are only $110 new and about $50 used. A terrific, simple, not too heavy tripod.