View Full Version : FLM Ball Head

Scott Rosenberg
21-Oct-2007, 23:00
anyone have experience with an FLM ballhead?


they have a useful feature in that you can lock the ball so that only tilt (rotation around the center axis) is possible. the ball would lock so that only tilt is possible... no more loosing your level horizon if you go to tilt the camera.

sounds interesting, just wondering if any of you have tried this. i'm not a fan of ball heads in general, but this seems like it's a novel design and one step closer to a 3-way head in a compact package.

Aender Brepsom
22-Oct-2007, 01:57
A friend of mine had it some time ago, but he never liked it (I have to add that he wanted to use it with longer lenses on a SLR) and had some functional issues with it (blocking I think). He sold it and got the Arca Swiss Monoball. Much better choice.

I am still 100% satisfied with my 10-year-old Monoball too.