View Full Version : Flaky Pentax Spotmeter V Trigger...

Scott --
16-Oct-2007, 17:35
Hi, all -

The trigger (for lack of a better word) on my otherwise trusty Pentax Spotmeter V is flakin' out on me. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Seems like a loose contact. Anyone (a) have one of these apart and have words of wisdom, or (b) know where one can be sent for some resolderin'?


Joseph O'Neil
17-Oct-2007, 05:49
I had that happened to me once many moons ago, turned out to be a bad battery. Have you checked that- it's the quickest thing you can do


Scott --
18-Oct-2007, 08:07
Yeah, Joe, replacing batteries was the first thing I did. Didn't help.

Deane Johnson
18-Oct-2007, 08:19
Dealing with simple things first, I wonder if the contacts on the switch have simply become oxidized? At this point, since you have eliminated batteries (cleaning the contacts of course), I might spray a little Radio Shack contact or tuner cleaner into the switch.

18-Oct-2007, 10:21
Mine does the same thing. I'm sure it's a contact - loose screw or something. I believe that Richard Ritter repairs them.