View Full Version : What Berlerbach wooden tripod for 8x10

Luca Merlo
13-Oct-2007, 07:28
I own a Berlerbach wooden tripod (I believe it is the Report model 8403 or 9403 with the adjustable central column and three extensions legs) that I have been using with the quik release plate and my two 4x5 cameras (a Wisner and a Shen Hao). Since I am extremely happy of this tripod, I am contemplating to purchase an "equivalent model" for my Weham 8x10 camera. Do you have any suggestion about the model ? What about using this camera with a quick release plate ?

Bob Salomon
13-Oct-2007, 08:29
The UNI series is better for 810.

Barry Wilkinson
13-Oct-2007, 09:13
I have a UNI16 for my 8x10. It is very much larger than the Report Series (and needs a chain or cord on a slippery surface). However I am very pleased with it and it holds my Toyo absolutely rigid.

I use a quick release system with all of my cameras except the 8x10. Far too heavy for this IMO.


Luca Merlo
13-Oct-2007, 14:21
Many thanks to all of you.

Robert Skeoch
19-Oct-2007, 11:14
I find the uni series too heavy to carry.
I use a 4002 myself because I'm tall, but have sold a bunch of 3002 over the past year or so to 8x10 shooters. I think for photographers of normal height the 3002 is the answer.
Now if you want a shorter one for air travel get the 8003.
-Rob Skeoch

matthew blais
20-Oct-2007, 09:51
I purchased a 3002 from Rob early this year and works great with my Kodak Master view (12 lbs).

P. Yee
20-Oct-2007, 13:36
I use a 3032 which as a leveling ball but no center column for my Shen-Hao HZX810-ⅡAT. The camera weights about 13.5 pounds and the tripod handles it with no problem. I do not use a quick release plate with the camera.