View Full Version : Any 5x7 film holders out there?

Nate Battles
8-Oct-2007, 13:26
Of course there's eBay, but where else can I find some 5x7 film holders?? Where did they go??

Scott --
8-Oct-2007, 13:31
Keep watching eBay. I've gotten a bunch of old wooden ones for about $6/each shipped. Just have to be patient... ;)

Nate Battles
8-Oct-2007, 13:33
well Scott I guess that's the problem--being patient:)

8-Oct-2007, 13:36
I was offered a bunch by a member on here (wooden holders), I can't remember the price, either $5 or £5 I can't remember.

When thinking about selling the half-plate (which the 5x7 holders fit into) I was recommended to keep the holders no matter what, I was unaware of their rarity at the time - I'm glad I've got them 'in case' :D

8-Oct-2007, 13:36
Badger has new ones.

Mpex might have some used ones.

KEH every so often has some.

Nate Battles
8-Oct-2007, 13:42
Did Fidelity stop making new 5x7 holders??

Jeremy Moore
8-Oct-2007, 13:50
I've got a stack of 5x7 holders (a couple of plastic, mostly retaped wooden) that are just sitting on the bookshelf.

8-Oct-2007, 13:55
When getting into a new format it's best to preemptively buy the accessories you need when you spot bargains on ebay ;) Just takes patience, which of course you won't have if you've already got your camera sitting so temptingly on the shelf.

Nate Battles
8-Oct-2007, 14:09
Walter, that is precisely the problem!:)

8-Oct-2007, 14:26
Did Fidelity stop making new 5x7 holders??

They stopped making all holders. Which is why I picked up a few new 8x10s a couple of months back. Wish I'd done that with the 5x7s.

If you want new the choice right now is Shen Hao. Or wait for the fotoman ones.

Justin Cormack
8-Oct-2007, 15:08
I bought a couple of half plate holders a couple of weeks ago but here in the UK there is no actual availability of 5x7 holders. I havent seen any on ebay.co.uk for 6 months or so (not that I look always). Fidelity stopped making them and wouldnt sell the equipment apparently. I havent seen 13x18 holders either, but half plate film is marginally better available than 13x18 now.

Jim Grimes
14-Oct-2007, 18:26
Midwest had advertised some new ones at $79.00. Not sure if that's for one or a box of two.

Scott Davis
15-Oct-2007, 06:34
I just took delivery on some of the new Shen-Hao wood 5x7 holders. They're terrific. The darkslides fit properly and slide smoothly, the film loads and unloads smoothly and easily, and contrary to some rumors, they don't leak light. They're $67 each, which makes them not exactly cheap, but they're the most reasonable option out there. The Fotoman holders, when they hit the market, are estimated to come in at $75. Maybe more.