View Full Version : Anybody good at repairing Grafmatics?

Frank Petronio
5-Oct-2007, 11:25
I have a bunch, one has a funky film counter... I'd like to send a few off at a time for a nice CLA. I don't have the brains or dexterity to do it myself.

USA please.

Henry Ambrose
5-Oct-2007, 18:44
Best way to fix the counter is to rip it out!


Seriously, what's wrong with them?

tim atherton
5-Oct-2007, 21:44

I'm not sure of anyone who really still repairs them?

I've taken the counters out of mine

Somewhere I think I have the reapir/service manual - if I can find it I can copy it for you


David A. Goldfarb
5-Oct-2007, 22:07
Frank Marshman can probably do it. If he's not sure, he has good intuitions about such things and is willing to experiment, and then not charge you if he can't fix it. Grafmatics are a lot less complicated than most of the things I've sent to him. 1-800-471-8133.

I like the counters, myself. While I'm usually able to sort out exposures from my notes without them, there are situations where they can help.

Richard Wasserman
6-Oct-2007, 02:02
I have a pdf of the Grafmatic repair manual. If anyone would like a copy let me know and I'll be happy to send it to you.

I would think that Ken Ruth might be able (willing?) to work on these too.

Eric Rose
6-Oct-2007, 11:18
Richard does your manual have all the pages? I downloaded one and one of the key pages is missing. If yours is complete I would like a copy please.