View Full Version : Bag or Case for Ebony SW810?

1-Oct-2007, 06:41
This Ebony SW810 8x10 is a little taller then many other 8x10 cameras and its causing me trouble trying to find a way to carry it. This is the non-folding camera, it is 15" high x 14" wide including knobs and about 7' thick when all retracked in. I am way to old to carry this camera very far so I'm not thinking backpacking into the mountains. I'm looking to protect the camera when moving it from my car a reasonable distance into the field. I can put holders and lenses in another case to balance the load if need be. Many of the available cases seem tailored to 12 inch square 8x10 cameras.
Any help will be appreciated.
Robert Newcomb

Randy Redford
1-Oct-2007, 08:31
Try an f/64 backpack. That was the only one big enough to fit my Ebony 8x10.

1-Oct-2007, 15:56

really light weight, affordable, its the best system out there
i had one custom made for my ebony 4x10

1-Oct-2007, 17:15
Hi Robert,

For strictly protection purposes... the LowePro Super-Trekker AW is one of the best bags around.

It's well padded but, as a result, it is on the fairly heavy side.


jenn wilson
2-Oct-2007, 20:49
check out the View Camera archives. there's a great article about non-traditional bags for camera gear. if i recall correctly, fishing bags work out well. resistant to the elements, padded, and as the compartments are adjustable, pretty much anything can fit. plus, these sorts of bags are significantly less expensive than the dedicated ones.