View Full Version : Feisol CB-70 H Ballhead...experiences, anyone?

24-Sep-2007, 15:15

I have been looking at Feisol's largest ballhead, the CB-70 H, but I am reluctant to place an order as long as there is next to zero user feedback about it anywhere on the web.
Has anyone on here any experience with it they would be willing to share? I would be most grateful!


14-Nov-2007, 08:41
Nearly 2 months later and no replies...

Oh well...no matter - I gave in and bought an Arca-Swiss Z1 Double Pan instead.

And boy am I a happy camper!

Rakesh Malik
14-Nov-2007, 12:44
With the knob, or the lever?

15-Nov-2007, 20:14
With the lever. I am aware that people have reported trouble using it, but so far it has worked flawlessly for me.

Rakesh Malik
16-Nov-2007, 10:42
The common theme in the reviews was that the lever didn't last very long. Let hope they got it figured out!