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24-Sep-2007, 15:09
Hello All,
I hope this is in the right place...
I was in the process of adjusting my Crown Graphic rangefinder to work with the lens I have mounted on the camera when all hell broke loose. I had the lens and rangefinder working together pretty well without having to open the rangefinder up. But I was having trouble with a little miss alignment from right to left(lateral). So I opened up the rangefinder case to have a go at it. I was following the directions from a few sites on the net and all was going well when I think I moved the bottom mirror out of alignment because now nothing works. I have no idea what to do now except scream!!!! Please help. If anyone lives in NYC and could take some time out of the day to take a look it would be greatly appreciated. Is there any place in NYC that fixes this problem? I would first like to try myself with help.


Arthur, NYC