View Full Version : LENS BOARDS FOR DEARDORFF 8x10

Gary Tarbert
22-Sep-2007, 06:25
Hi Guys,Is it possibble to get lens boards for this camera in a 0 copal configeration.cheers Gary

John Kasaian
22-Sep-2007, 07:31
Yes. Originals wll be more costly than generic replacements. Check with Jim at Midwest Photographic, Equinox Photo, or the woodshop instructor at your local junior high (hint:take along a box of krispy cremes if you pursue the last route)

Ed K.
22-Sep-2007, 11:37
Hi Gary,

John's list is good. You can also get new ones, made to correct thickness and drilled as you like from Jack Deardorff. Beware of some of the aftermarket Deardorff boards because sometimes they are not the correct thickness.

John Berry
24-Sep-2007, 11:59
Make your own from plywood and your choice will be from pinhole up. That is unless you just have to have pretty.

Bruce Barlow
25-Sep-2007, 04:04
I think Richard Ritter has them in stock. He makes nice ones.

25-Sep-2007, 10:25
What format Dorff are you using?

If it's an 8x10... go and have an adapter board made to accept Linhof Technika board mounted lenses... the Technika boards are smaller and much easier to find.

[PM me if you're interested in such an adapter board for the Dorff 8x10 :)]


Gary Tarbert
27-Sep-2007, 03:55
Thank you all for your advice, yes it is a 8X10 ,One question about adapter boards what options are available for mounting in 5x4 boards & adapting to 8x10 when required to increase your 5x4 lens arsenal?.cheers Gary