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Nate Battles
20-Sep-2007, 10:35

I have a older wooden 5x7 tailboard view camera that I need a couple of lens boards for. I have made a couple from wood and 1/4" plastic, but they feel weak and warpable. Also, I am unsure as to the maker of my camera, I rescued and restored it and have yet to find a brand. It looks very similar to a B and J, with some subtle differences.

-I know of SK Grimes. Is there anybody better/recommended??

-Also, can I expect any issues using a metal lens board in a wooden field camera?



Aender Brepsom
20-Sep-2007, 11:57
SK Grimes has an excellent reputation.

There is absolutely no problem using a metal lens board on a wooden field camera. Most users of wooden field cameras probably do so (Ebony, Shen Hao, ...). I have never had any issue with metal lens boards on my Ebonys.

20-Sep-2007, 11:58
Anything the fits properly and shields out the light will work. I used to make mine out of masonite board.

20-Sep-2007, 12:00
Nate, you may wish to measure the required size lensboard. You can then go somewhere like here on SK - http://www.skgrimes.com/boardadapters/index.htm

That way your lenses can be mounted on modern and readily available boards, that would save custom-made boards for any lenses you might purchase.

Nate Battles
20-Sep-2007, 12:12
Okay thanks guys!

Donald Miller
20-Sep-2007, 14:15
Richard Ritter has a good reputation and has some lens boards in stock most of the time.

20-Sep-2007, 14:49
I make a good number of the boards sold by SK Grimes. I also do custom sizes.

Richard T Ritter