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15-Sep-2007, 22:48
does anybody know something with an 18L x 11H x 4D inch compartment, along with some pockets for a couple lenses, film holders, meter, dark cloth, and so on? i've looked at some of the lowepro backpacks and domke shoulder bags, but none of them would work.

Carsten Wolff
16-Sep-2007, 00:39
My Lowepro Omni Trekker is about 17x12.5x4.5" internally...that'd be pretty close to what you're looking for?..... (carries my 5x7" Arca B monorail with 3 standards, spot meter and lenses).

Anthony Lewis
16-Sep-2007, 00:57
Great quote Carsten

16-Sep-2007, 09:39
i haven't seen one of those yet. does it stretch out a bit lengthwise? and how do you pack the rest of the stuff? it doesn't seem to have pockets outside of the main compartment.

16-Sep-2007, 11:46
Just purchased a Lowepro computrekker aw and it fits my 8x10 Phillips along with a lens perhaps two, plus film holders quite easily. Plus it is not an overly gigantic backpack.

16-Sep-2007, 15:19
i looked at the computrekker...didn't work out.

Carsten Wolff
16-Sep-2007, 19:13
It does strech out a bit, raizans, - not sure whether enough for your needs though.
The tripod straps to the outside; other acessories, such as filter or the like got into the inner lid pockets. Film holders though, I carry separately in a small bag, unless I just take the 617 Canham back, in which case I only use the w/a bellows and two out of the three standards.... Lenses are on Technika boards as they are smaller than the Arca ones.
I'd love a marginally bigger pack....but good parts of the Omni trekker are:
Airline carry-on size (without the tripod I guess); fits snugly into a Pelicase if needed; can be used as carry bag or converted to a backpack. I've had this one for a few years; might not be the current model.

Thanks, Anthony, ....I'm quoting myself I think.....:)

16-Sep-2007, 20:10
Take a look on ebay under Zone VI until one of the white nylon Zone VI bags comes up. May take awhile. It doesn't quite match the measurements (slightly bigger), and isn't technically for a monorail, but what a bag!!! Avoid the older vinyl bag. I've got one of those too and use it only for additional film holders. It stays in the car.

It has six adjustable spaces plus the center for the camera body. Loads of room for meters, lenses, film and filters, plus a net compartment in the top for your dark cloth. Used mine and hiked with it for years and I still love it.

16-Sep-2007, 21:29
which one of these is the nylon version?



17-Sep-2007, 00:22
Sorry I'm too late on the auction. I've been working on my own website for the last several hours and just checked back in. The second one, the one that has sold is the nylon bag. Some one got a very good deal on it.

The one in the auction for the camera is the vinyl version.

Too bad you can't see the interior on the photo of the nylon one. You basically have a center region that runs from front to back. It's about 5 inches wide. Each side is organized with movable dividers so you can decide for yourself what size you want to create for each space. Everything is attached by heavy strength Velcro.

The bag is deep enough to stack lenses (caps on) so you can really end up with lots of gear in this one small bag. Typically, I carry the following:

Zone VI camera
58mm XL
90mm Caltar
135mm Nikkor
210mm Caltar
Several Cokin P filters and rings
Honeywell spot meter
six to ten film holders
Lens pen
Bag Bellows
Dark cloth

The bag has an extremely heavy duty shoulder strap and a waist strap if you want to use it. The strap attachment points could also be used to connect this to a pack frame of some sort.

Hope that helps.


28-Sep-2007, 10:03
there's a nylon zone vi bag on ebay, but the interior dimensions are 15x11x8''. drats!


Ron Marshall
28-Sep-2007, 10:40
Get a sturdy hiking backpack and if needed add extra padding. The dedicated photo backpacks are heavier than they need to be, and more importantly, most of them do not provide adequate support. That is not a concern if you are not planning any hiking.

Bring your gear to an outfitter, such as REI, and try a few packs to get the correct fit for your torso.

28-Sep-2007, 11:17
i've been thinking about those and experimenting with different ways of arranging things. the simplest idea right now is sticking a lightware v4000 onto a frame.

Carsten Wolff
1-Oct-2007, 23:40
Not a bad idea either. I have to say that the Omni trekker is only good for shorter hikes as the harness is not up to proper hiking backpack standards.
I actually have travelled both with the Onmi trekker inside my large pack, or with the gear packed in a homemade foam-rubber contraption, also inside my (90 liter OzTrail)pack and found that the second option is actually lighter and more versatile, although also a bit clumsy at times.....