View Full Version : How to open up a Soligor Spot Sensor II?

Steve Goldstein
14-Sep-2007, 16:00
I was getting tired of the foggy appearance looking through the finder so thought I'd try to clean the innards. There's one long screw through the handle, and two shorties down by the lanyard, but there still seems to be something else holding the case together although I couldn't see any other screws. This is the analog version, if it matters, and it works fine, it's just the viewing that's a little dim. Any hints? Thanks.

Barry Trabitz
14-Sep-2007, 19:17
I sent mine to Richard Ritter

15-Sep-2007, 19:41
I think the eye piece needs to come off as the final disassembly.

Steve Goldstein
16-Sep-2007, 04:49
Interesting! If I rack the eyepiece out all the way (fully counterclockwise) I can see the remaining ring has two small holes diametrically opposed. I'll have to find some kind of spanner I can fit in there. Or just bite the bullet and send it to Richard...

18-Sep-2007, 14:56

If you only need to remove the viewfinder fog, you don't have to send your meter off to someone else or take it all apart. Take the meter under a bright work light and unscrew the front ring of the lens. This removes the single lens element. Use a medical Q-tip with cotton on one end of a six-inch long wooden shaft such as made by Sherwood Medical available in a well-stocked drug store. Moisten a Kodak lens cleaning tissue with one drop of a mild lens cleaning fluid. Wrap the tissue around the end of the Q-tip and wipe the mirror surface softly and carefully. Keep an eye on the location of the analog meter needle relative to the end of the Q-tip with tissue. Use a small amount of fluid and work slowly. You can change the location of the needle by pressing the trigger with the Q-tip momentarily removed. Do not allow the Q-tip to touch the meter needle at any time. Allow the inside to dry for a while before you re-install the lens. You should be able to clean the mirror like new. I've done this several times with my meter which is the same model as yours.

To lengthen the time between cleanings, take your meter out of the original vinyl case and wrap it in a large padded nylon lens wrap. Store it away from any foams or plastics that outgas and you may not have to ever clean it again. Find a place for the original case away from the meter.

Of course if you feel the need to have your meter cleaned and calibrated, Richard Ritter is the current choice because he makes an internal modification the strengthens the innards against damage if dropped. His prices are fair for the quality of work he does. Hope this helps.

Steve Goldstein
28-Sep-2007, 15:26
You win the prize! Ten minutes' work and the view is much, much clearer. Thank you for the tip.

For posterity's sake I measured the lens while it was out, in case anyone ever needs to replace theirs. Here's what I found.

Lens type: Plano-convex
Diameter: 37.92mm (38mm will fit, there's still some clearance)
Back focal length: 95mm (from the flat side to the focal plane)
Edge thickness: 2.74mm
Center thickness: 6.12mm

In reality only the diameter and back focal length matter. I measured focal length by hand with a halogen flashlight place about 6m away and using a mm rule to measure from the white card on the wall to the flat of the lens. I repeated this several times, always getting within 0.5mm of 95mm. I used a micrometer for the other dimensions.

Hope this helps someone some time.


Steve Goldstein
29-Sep-2007, 07:32
I repeated the focal length measurements again today because I thought of a slightly better way to support things instead of doing it all by hand. This time I got 97.5mm average back focal length. Every time I measured with this new, more accurate method I got between 97mm and 98mm. 95mm was clearly wrong, sorry for the misinformation.

erie patsellis
30-Sep-2007, 06:44
If anybody ever needs to replace their lens, pm me as I have several soligor spot sensor (possibly II's) sitting in a box with various "issues" that were bought in a lot of meters.