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Scott Knowles
8-Sep-2007, 07:05
I am wondering if anyone uses Pocket Wizards with their LF cameras. I've been using them with my Minolta manual focus system for years. After moving to a Canon DSLR this year, I got the cables for it and the Canon film body. But while looking at the cables I realized I can use the PW's with my 4x5. The PW can't trigger the lens shutter but the lens can trigger the flashes. Would there be any adjustments to the exposure using the flash metering?

8-Sep-2007, 08:04
There was a thread started yesterday about same thing using the cheaper wireless stuff. Exposure compensation? Don't know but it would depend on you ambient light. You should be okay. (I love my Minolta gear too!)

Walter Calahan
8-Sep-2007, 08:21
Does you shutter have an 'X' sync switch. As long as the shutter fires the strobes through your PW when the shutter is completely open, there shouldn't be any exposure adjustment.

The 'X' sync makes sure the flash fires when the shutter is completely open. If the flash sync is set to 'M' (flash bulb) you will see an exposure error.

Best solution is to fire everything with a Polaroid test.

PS - "A River Runs Through It" is one of my favorite all time books (skip the movie).

Robert Oliver
8-Sep-2007, 11:46
I use them. Just follow walter's advice.

the wizards come with a PC to miniphone plug that will work on all new copals.

Scott Knowles
8-Sep-2007, 15:49
Thanks for the responses. All my lenses are Schneider with the PC X-sync connection, so things should work. Now I have something more worthwhile to do while listening to the beloved Seattle Mariners squander their post-season hopes for another year...