View Full Version : Feisol 3442, CB-50D. Advice please?

30-Aug-2007, 19:20
This is my first post and I'll start with a confession, I don't use large format cameras. But but.. I just bought a Feisol 3442 tripod and Cb-50D ballhead and whilst researching on the web, this forum seem to have many Feisol users so I hope you can help me out.

Anyways.. I received the 3442, centre column, spikes and CB-50D ballhead this morning. Very excite of course and although it didn't come with any manuals/instructions, everything was quite straight forward to figure out.

I also ordered a monopod CM-1471 for a colleague of mine and inspected the package (like any good friend would :p ).
There are two questions that I have regarding the tripod since I'm not an experienced user - this is the first tripod and ballhead that I've owned.

1. The carbon fibre legs of the 1471 have the typical carbon fibre weaving whilst the 3442 has a matte finish. On the Feisol website, they have noted they have switched carbon fibre cloth to the matte finish however the matte legs appears almost 'plastic' like. I don't want to stress test it but it appears strong however the lightness gives it a deceptively flimsy feel. On the 1471 - the old weaving and thicker tube makes its appear much stronger.
Is the plastic-like appearance of the legs normal on the 3442. I'm just a little paranoid here that its not actually carbon fibre haha.. sorry :confused:

2. The legs rotate when the leg locks are loose so sometimes when I'm locking the legs, i end up rotating the legs and not the lock itself. Maybe I just gotta pay more attention to what I'm turning.

In regards to the ballhead:

1. I find I have to tighten the QR plate to the camera very tightly otherwise it will work its way loose when i use the ballhead.

2. I find it difficult to get a perfect point where it will swivel very easily whilst not flopping. I have a nice position set (when camera is relively upright) but when rotating the camera to almost 90degrees, there was a little 'flop'. The reason this concerns me is I am using a very light lens for testing atm. I'm concerned about heavier lens in the future.

Thanks in advance.

Bob Y
30-Aug-2007, 19:33
My first reaction to my 3442 was similar to yours... is this plastic? At first I was hesitant to really load it down, it is extremely strong. Try leaning up against it and you will see.

As for the 50D head, I don't own one, but I did borrow one from a friend. In order to adjust the friction:

1) First adjust the locking knob to the degree of drag that you desire.
2) Turn the friction knob until you meet resistance.
3) Release the locking knob, and the friction should be just right.

If the locking knob is completely loose, it will be hard twist the friction knob tight enough.

I like my 3442. It is very well made (this isn't plastic!) and easily supports my Wista SP, Toyo 45F, and Bronica GS-1. Can't wait to bring it on a hike.


30-Aug-2007, 21:45
Thank you. This was exactly the assurance I needed. Because after my initial reaction, I realised that the legs were very stiff, almost no flex at all even with some weight placed eg. leaning on it. Its just hard to believe since tapping it, the wall sounds thin and very hollow and its so light. So I just wanted to make sure its the same with other 3442 users.