View Full Version : Handling 4x4/4x6 filters in the field

Ed Richards
29-Aug-2007, 09:21
I am about to move from screw in filters to rectangular filters. I keep my round filters in a pouch on my belt, each in a flexible plastic sleeve. What are different ways to handle rectangular filters in the field? I like the belt pouch, which I combine with an old Zone VI belt pack to hold 4x5 holders, and another Zone VI pouch to hold the my meter, loupe, etc. Basically the full-dork rig.:-)

Louie Powell
29-Aug-2007, 09:27
I use a CD case. It's about twice as thick as a standard film holder, but the other dimensions are about the same, so it fits in my backpack next to my holders. Each filter goes into a separate tyvek sleeve.

29-Aug-2007, 09:37
Hi Ed,

There are many ways to handle and transport the square and rectangular filters. Part of this will be dependent on how many you wish to carry. Manufacturers including Lee, Kinesis Gear, Kata, etc. all make cases and or pouches to carry 5 to 10 or so filters.

As an example Lee makes the pouch below for 10 filters as well as separate plush velvet envelopes for the filters. You can also carry them in the Lee or Singh-Ray cases that came with the filters. Just handle the resin filters with care and along the edges of the filter.


Ed Richards
29-Aug-2007, 11:59
Thanks Richard and Louie!

I am a simple black and white guy, so I figure I am looking at maybe 3 solid colors and a couple of grads.

Alan Rabe
29-Aug-2007, 12:55
I use Kodak Gel filters. I sandwich each one in 3 calumet filter frames 2 on one side and one on the other. This makes for a very rigid filter. I then store each in its original yellow envelope it came in. These all, about 7,then go in my right breast pocket of my domke vest. I used to use 3 inch filters, they would fit in a floppy disk case for added protection.

John Bowen
29-Aug-2007, 12:59
I use the Kodak gel filters. I purchased some cardboard 4x4 filter holders from Calumet years ago. I don't think those holders are still made. I store the filters in the original Kodak packaging and then store my 3 most used filters with my film holders. My 8x10 film holders are in insulated bags that have a mesh pocket on the front. I can tell which bag I am currently shooting, because the filters are visible in the mesh pocket.

29-Aug-2007, 17:47
me same as John... except my bag has no mesh on it.