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mike wilcox
2-Jul-1998, 22:28
hi. i am going to buy a 4x5 for architecturals, interiors, and probablysome port raits and landscapes. considering a sinar f-2, the metal canham-like the simple look,the cambo sf, or maybe an arca swiss. would appreciate all comments neg. or pos. would like to keep it under 5k for camera 2-3 lenses and accessories.

Dan Smith
9-Jul-1998, 15:29
I use a Technica and a Anba/Ikeda wood view. This gives me the option of 5x7 as well as 4x5. If I were doing it again Sinar would be a consideration but I woul d settle on a Technikardan 45. Lots of movement, technica field boards, Linhof Quality. I would keep my Anba/Ikeda for the 5x7 flexability as well. I then co uld use the 72mm XL for both formats(unbelievable in 5x7), the 150 Apo type lens es and my 300 NikkorM and have a really good & flexible setup. After checking t he market I really like the Sinar stuff but having the experience with Linhof & wood cameras as well(yes, including Wisner & Canham) I would go with Linhof. Bu t either Sinar or Linhof will last you almost forever and go through every weath er condition known to man without worry.

Ellis Vener
13-Jul-1998, 00:25
The Arca Swiss F-Line is my choice for a do everything LF camera. If you haven't worked with LF before also get the Brainbox accessory, it calculates f/stop nee ded for any given DoF, as well as tilt & swing angles. I like it over the Sinar F2 for the way it handles, builtin fresnel, "rise in the focal plane" design, an d general ergonomics. The F-C is the model with the folding rail, if you don't n eed that feature get the standard F-Line model. There is even a version now with geared movements. The Canham DLC is also a very nice camera, it's strongest poi nts are weight and folded size and bellow design: no w/a bellows or recessed le nsboard needed. I am not wild about the bullseye levels and their placement, but no camera is perfect (although the Arca is very close.) if you are doing any st ill life, tabletop, or product work the DLC is not the camera for you, you can d o it but there are easier ways to go about it. Good shooting, Ellis

Close second would be the Canham DLC.

Sean Donnelly
19-Jul-1998, 18:43
If you need field portability, be sure to look at the Linhof Technikardan 45 and Arca-Swiss F-line.

I have a TK 45 and find it to be compact, versatile, durable, and to have nice c ontrols. The gentleman who sold me mine replaced it with a Canham DLC, and says he made a big mistake -- the DLC is not nearly as rigid as the TK 45.

If you don't need to backpack with the camera, check out Sinar. They are vastly more rigid than any field camera, and have unique DOF-calculating features that appear to be very useful.