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Danny Liao
18-May-2007, 15:14
Some of you might have read my thread regarding the Polaroid 4x5 conversion and the Fotoman. To all who responded, THANKS! I really appreciated the help. From your insights, I've decided to go with the FOTOMAN.

Anyway, prior to deciding, I was in contact with a fellow ebayer (NOT RAZZLEDOG) who does the polaroid conversions. His design and price wasn't bad, 700ish. But he offers the conversion with an older lens. So I figure I go with the Fotoman which I could place my own lens multi coated lens on the camera. Anyway, I never told this guy I would buy it from him. I just asked him a few questions about payment methods and shipping. When I couldn't make up my mind on which camera to get, conversion or fotoman. I told him I couldn't decide and he should sell the camera to the next person in line. Well, I got this response from him:

"Hey Danny, I Can't seem to make up my mind about whether to pay any
attention to which camera you want to get. when you contact me again I
will decide whether or not I pay attention to what you want."

When I read that, I was glad I didn't do business from him. I could just imagine if something was wrong with the camera, how bad the service would be and how bad it would be to have to deal with this guy. He might design a decent camera, but he sure don't know how to maintain a good customer base. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up before you guys do business with him.

18-May-2007, 19:04
He could be joking - sometimes people don't realize that jokes don't always come across well in electronic communications.

Anyway the guy who did my conversions is Mike at EastcamTech in Brooklyn

I highly recommend him.

Dean Jones
21-May-2007, 01:01
Danny, you'll have no problem with Mike....He's a great guy and does excellent work. :)