View Full Version : Just recieved my Razzle Dog

George Kara
10-May-2007, 11:11
Very high level of craftsmanship, great mods, the perfect walkabout type of 4x5 with the locking back. Cant wait to shoot with it.

My only disappointment is the covering on the kit. I had inquired if it were possible to cover the camera with a bit of tanned littmann hide, but Dean said there wasnt any available in Australia and crocodile was much tougher anyhow.

I then asked if it were possible to cover the camera with copies of the littmann patent documents. Evidently this wouldn't hold up at all.

So, the camera arrived with its original covering and a ferrari red bellows. Very sporty I must say!

Dean is a great guy and really does some wonderful hand work on the kit. This is the perfect urban camera. You can't beat the price. I'm of to South America with the kit in June.

Ron Marshall
10-May-2007, 11:17
Just out of curiosity, what is it's weight?

Michael Graves
10-May-2007, 12:09
Perhaps later on, you can have a littman hide accessory case made. Or perhaps a pair of littman binocular lenses with the automatic iris.

Or a littman ball head?

10-May-2007, 15:42
How about a picture? Also, how do you order one of the kits?

JW Dewdney
10-May-2007, 15:45
I guess that wasn't the one with the grandagon and 6x9 back that just sold on ebay...? I was a bit tempted.. (I don't think that one had bellows even though!)

Dean Jones
10-May-2007, 15:49
Wow George, that was fast....I only shipped it four days ago! I'm happy you received it in time for the trip. My Pink Cadillac is an identical machine, other than having a slightly heavier lens. It weighs 3 3/4 pounds.
My apologies for the hide....none was forthcoming. :D

George Kara
10-May-2007, 15:57
Hi Jenluc

Just google razzledog to find it. I simply contacted Dean via email from his website, sent a deposit via paypal. A few weeks later, he let me know it was complete and I sent the final payment. 4 days later viola!