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17-Oct-2006, 00:22
Would Any One Know Where I Can Obtain A Zone Dial For Pentax Digital Spotmeter.
Thanks Terry.

17-Oct-2006, 00:35
Would Any One Know Where I Can Obtain A Zone Dial For Pentax Digital Spotmeter. Thanks Terry.

Hi Terry,

If you click the following link... there's one there:


Just download it, cut it out, and laminate it before sticking it onto your meter.

Thanks to Ralph Lambrecht for his generosity in sharing it... :)


17-Oct-2006, 04:55
Thanks for the help.

Andrey Donchev
17-Oct-2006, 07:51
Hi. Is there a similar way to put a zone system dial on the analog Pentax V, or the only way is to send it to Calumet? Tx in advance!

Brian Ellis
17-Oct-2006, 08:40
"Is there a similar way to put a zone system dial on the analog Pentax V, or the only way is to send it to Calumet?"

Calumet used to sell a zone dial for the Pentax V, I don't know if they still do. But if it's still available you don't need to send the meter to Calumet, the dial is adhesive-backed and you just stick it on the meter. The zone dial has nothing to do with the meter modifications that Calumet makes or used to make to the Pentax spot meters. To get the modifications you did have to send the meter in but not to just put a zone dial on the meter, they're two entirely different things.

Curt Palm
17-Oct-2006, 08:49
$3.00 from calumet. search on "zone dial" from calumet's web site. sold under the zoneVI brand. looks like they still carry three types , pentx V, Sekonic L228, and Soligor

Eric Woodbury
17-Oct-2006, 09:12
For the digital meter, it is pretty easy to print your own. Print a series of zones on paper and cut in strips. Poof. A nice glossy paper lasts a long time. The analog model would be harder.

17-Oct-2006, 10:24
I have a zone VI sticker for my Digital Pentax bought it out in Hollyweird several years ago. $3.00


Andrey Donchev
17-Oct-2006, 11:07
Hi, Thank you very much for your answers! I have one more question: What are the differences between the modified by Calumet spot-meter and the original one. I have spoke with a guy from Calumet support team a few mounts ago and he told me that they still accept spot-meters for modification and calibration.

tim atherton
17-Oct-2006, 12:04
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Andrey Donchev
17-Oct-2006, 12:34
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Very useful readings! Thank you!

Kirk Gittings
17-Oct-2006, 13:43
I was going to post this on the thread about speeding things up in the field, but since you mention it here. I have two modified ZVI meters. One I bought used modified. It so outperformed my regular one that i had it modified too. With them I can quickly meter for the shadows thru the filter make a Zone III placement and band away. The problem is to preserve shadow detail. Filter factors vary with the color of the light and subject. This approach works bang on every time.

Robert McClure
18-Oct-2006, 07:10
Would you explain in just a little more detail the nature of the modification of your meters? To be honest, I have wondered what further could be done to the meter to enable it to "outperform" the factory model, unless it has to do with the calculation feature.


Alan Rabe
18-Oct-2006, 15:22
I have both a Pentax and a Soligor Zone VI modified meter and for myself the biggest advantage to a Zone VI modified meter is, it is not affected by colors, it sees light as film sees it. This comes into play when using filters. Filter factors are at best a guess. Thier affect on a sceen is a function of the colors involved. Metering thru the filter tells me exactly what the correct exposure is without worrying about factors. Also when metering thru the filter you can see the affect of the filter on all the areas in the scene. Many times I have tried a filter and found that it merged the sky with the horizon or a feature like a cliff face that abuted the sky. Only metering thru the filter will show that. If I had to pick one piece of equipment that has improved my work it would have to be my meter. My Soligor was the first piece of Zone VI equipment I purchased and I have never regreted it. The only reason I recently bought the Pentax is the Soligor is now 17 years old and I was affraid it might cease to function. It is now resides in my bag as a backup.


Kirk Gittings
18-Oct-2006, 18:06
Robert, In short, What Alan said. Coincidentally on the Chaco trip three of us (Eric too) used the MZ6 with the same metering techniques. Between the three of us we probably have 45 combined years with these. It works.

Here is Alan Ross' explanation of the meter http://www.calumetphoto.com/ctl?PAGE=Controller&ac.ui.pn=common.ShowParent&spName=FADIRECTMODMETERART