View Full Version : versions of Photoshop-do I need them all?

Eric Brody
12-Oct-2006, 13:05
I purchased Photoshop back at version 6 and have purchasing just the upgrades ever since. When looking to free up some space on my hard drive, I noticed I have all these versions, 6 taking up 104mb, version 7 at 136mb, CS at 183mb, and CS2 at 217mb. Can I discard the old ones and keep just CS2, or will the program somehow need the older versions to operate the newer ones? I have all the old CD's but am superstitious about Adobe's copy protection and would hate to make a big time consuming mess just to save a few hundred megabytes of hard drive space.

Thanks to any computer guru who might offer advice.


Frank Petronio
12-Oct-2006, 13:41
Toss everything but the latest and don't worry.

BUT, if you have been using PS since version 6 and haven't reformatted your Hard Drive since then, you might be having some other issues with the operation of your computer. That's a helluvalong time -- 5 or 6 years! Do a good back-up no matter what.

Jack Flesher
14-Oct-2006, 09:30
All versions of CS have an auto-confirm feature. And sometimes it craps on you and can lock you out of your registered copy. You have to then call Adobe support AND be online to get it sorted out. This can be disasterous if you are in the field when it happens, so I keep my current and last version of PS active in case the auto-confirm fails. As a tertiary back-up, I keep a copy of Elements on my sytem too.


Alan Rabe
14-Oct-2006, 18:44
I don't think Frank ment reformat. That will destroy all your data and is usually done when reinstalling the OS and all your software. I think he meant defragment, which will rewrite all your files so they are contiguous on the hard drive.

Frank Petronio
14-Oct-2006, 19:47
Ahh, I'd back up and reformat. 5-6 years on one HD is asking for it...

Eric Brody
16-Oct-2006, 08:36
Thanks to all for your responses. My computer is but three years old and is regularly backed up to two separate external drives, and is also defragmented regularly. I believe I reinstalled all those photoshop versions when I bought the computer three years ago.