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29-Sep-2006, 11:43
Here´s some raw and unfiltered info for Arca aficionados.
Just some quick and dirty shots of a product folder i grabbed at the Arca booth (about 150kb jpg´s each).
btw: Mr. Vogt Jr. told me a website is the "next project" on their to-do-list.
There´s room for hope ...

Arca folder page1 (http://www.schoditsch.com/arcaswiss2006/arcaswiss_page1.jpg)
page2 (http://www.schoditsch.com/arcaswiss2006/arcaswiss_page2.jpg)
page3 (http://www.schoditsch.com/arcaswiss2006/arcaswiss_page3.jpg)
page4 (http://www.schoditsch.com/arcaswiss2006/arcaswiss_page4.jpg)
Arca R m3d (http://www.schoditsch.com/arcaswiss2006/arcaswiss_R_m3d.jpg)

Tom Westbrook
29-Sep-2006, 15:53
Thanks for the info. The R camera seems very interesting.

29-Sep-2006, 16:01
Oh,oh - a new adversary to the 45PS Fotoman??

30-Sep-2006, 21:17
Oh,oh - a new adversary to the 45PS Fotoman??
Nope, it only goes to 6x9 cms.

30-Sep-2006, 23:56
In such a case, a new adversary to the Swiss Alpha then?

Emmanuel BIGLER
2-Oct-2006, 00:23
There are two models
The m3d (image link above) goes up to the 6x9 cm format.
The L3d is a 4"x5".

2-Oct-2006, 01:23
In such a case, the L3d should be able to take a 6x12 Horseman RF back (beside the 6x9 RFH) and would be a very versatile tool. Looking forward to more info about it, maybe on their promissed website?

Emmanuel BIGLER
16-Oct-2006, 02:09
I have manipulated the two 6x9 and 4x5" R-line prototype at the Fontfroide Large format conference this week-end.
The backs are those existing for the 6x9 and for the 4x5" so there is no question of compatibility for the backs : everything that fits the F-line will fit the back of the R-line of same format, not forgetting reducing back plates for the 4x5", it is as simple as that.

Tom Westbrook
12-Dec-2006, 11:01
Has anyone heard any more news on the R-line cameras? Mostly wondering about availability dates.

Bart Langenaken
13-Dec-2006, 11:40

I have spoken with Mr. Martin Voght at Photokina. The R-line camera 6x9 and 4x5 should be available begin 2007.


Andrew O'Neill
1-Jan-2007, 11:22
My friend John (who frequents this forum but never comments) will be thrilled about this!

Emmanuel BIGLER
18-Jun-2007, 10:58
Some progress reports about the Arca Swiss R-line cameras
Today (18-June-2007) , Martin Vogt has presented at a Paris trade show a production model of the R m3d with the electronic rangefinder system operational.
The trade show :
For those who can read French, some chat about the event where the 6x6 Hy6 camera + leaf backs were presented together with Cambo, Alpa, Hasselblad cameras and other equipement, Leaf Phase One (going off-topic, sorry).

Emmanuel BIGLER
18-Jun-2007, 12:09
Another picture of the R m3d