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Craig Griffiths
9-Jul-2006, 19:10
I have been looking at trying some different subject matter to my usual landscape/ still life subjects. I have done a fair amount of amateur sports photography in the past using 35mm and digital so have thought along those lines in finding different subject matter. Portraits don't really appeal as I am a little intimidated by people (my wife thinks it is more that I just don't like people at all and would make a great recluse).

Has anyone had experience with using large format to document sporting events. I am well aware of the benefits of smaller formats for this type of photography, but have been thinking seriously about using 4 x 5 for some shots of various events. The type of shots I am thinking of are to include as much of the field (or players) as possible with focus on the action as it happens.

I am thinking of prefocussing on a point and waiting for the action to arrive before taking a shot. The sports I am thinking of are Rugby Union and/or League, Cricket, Basketball, and Volleyball, all of which I have successfully photographed previously with digital gear.

Are there any particular large format techniques to use or pitfalls to avoid? Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Craig Griffiths

John Kasaian
9-Jul-2006, 22:04
Check out the Graphic Graflex Photography books by Morgan and Lester for all you'll ever want to know about the subject and a whole lot more. I've got the red 7th edition, but all editions are a treasure---available at any good used book store, eBay or Abe Books and probably Amazon too(though I haven't checked them personally.) Its even worth prowling through Slavation Army and Goodwill stores for a copy.