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tim atherton
27-Feb-2006, 10:11
anyone know of any sites with reports from the PMA show that don't just focus on digital (or at least include some analogue news...)


Oren Grad
27-Feb-2006, 10:21
Ken Rockwell picked up on a few non-digital items in his overview:

www.kenrockwell.com/tech/pma06.htm (http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/pma06.htm)

Also, FWIW, here's an item on the deepening of the business relationship between Horseman and Rollei. Komamura has been the Rollei distributor in Japan for a while; now it looks as though they're extending this to the US. I guess that means Schneider's out of the loop as far as Horseman is concerned:

www.letsgodigital.org/en/news/articles/story_6541.html (http://www.letsgodigital.org/en/news/articles/story_6541.html)

Henry Ambrose
27-Feb-2006, 14:59
http://www.pma-show.com/ (http://www.pma-show.com/" target= "_blank)

Which will open in a new window and I think is connected to Oren's second suggestion.

QT Luong
27-Feb-2006, 16:19
From the Ken Rockwell page mentioned earlier: "I ignore new inkjet papers since inkjet printing went the way of film and the dodo some years ago. Today we get better prints faster and cheaper on real chemical photo paper from digital files at places like Costco and most photo labs." :-)

Ellis Vener
1-Mar-2006, 10:03
The new Horseman cameras look & feel great. No sign of Sinar, Arca-Swiss or Toyo or any other LF camera manufactuer at show. HP marketing (USa distributor of Linhof0was at show but I don't remeber seeing a Linhof LF camera in the booth. Good to meet Bob Saloman (sp?) in person finally . Nice guy.

Saw great samples from the new Canon and Epson pigment printers.

The Epson V-750M scanner looks to be terrifically well built.

Lots of Chinese made 'clones" of Gitzo and Manfrotto tripods. the best ofthe lot looked to be from Benro.

Two new professional E6 films from Fuji T64 (a 3200K balanced film with the 4th emulsion layer for better color correction built in) and an RMs grain ratingof 7. This will be available in 4x5 Quickload. Also a new provia 400X film.

Was Rockwell even at the show? No one mentioned seeing him. At any rate, he's just dead wrong about the print quality of the new inkjet pigment printers. And of course if you are just going to ignore the presence of something it is hard to accurately report on it.

Oren Grad
1-Mar-2006, 10:22
No sign of Sinar, Arca-Swiss or Toyo or any other LF camera manufactuer at show.

At this point, I'm not sure why any "pure" LF vendor should even bother going to PMA. It's an expensive proposition, and the likely payoff is nil - the dealers who attend PMA aren't looking for new LF products to take on, and the dwindling group of dealers who do stock LF can be reached in other ways.