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Oren Grad
17-Oct-2005, 06:55
Not large format, strictly speaking, but some here may be interested:

www.horsemanusa.com/SW617e.pdf (http://www.horsemanusa.com/SW617e.pdf)

Brian Vuillemenot
17-Oct-2005, 10:53
I'm guessing this thing is going to be pretty pricey, based on the price of the Horseman 6X12 (I believe it's about 5 grand with one lens)- anyone out there know for sure? I think the Fotoman panoramics are are far more affordable alternative (no, I don't work for Fotoman, nor have I ever used one).

paul owen
17-Oct-2005, 11:44
As far as I can see the only real benefit of this over the Fotoman is the fact that the Horseman offers 17mm of rise/fall. Otherwise no real advantage?? The Fotoman is a VERY well made camera BTW!

Oren Grad
17-Oct-2005, 11:52
If it follows the SW69P and SW612P designs, it will have interchangeable backs, too.

Kerry L. Thalmann
17-Oct-2005, 12:17
In addition to the rise/fall movement, the Horseman also has a dark slide and a removable back that permits changing lenses and using the ground glass to precisely check focus and composition mid-roll. It's a nice feature, but not critical on a camera that only shoots four frames on a roll. The Fotoman has an optional ground glass, but no dark slide or removable film back. So, you can only change lenses and use the ground glass between rolls.

That said, I do agree with Paul that the Fotoman cameras are well made and a good value for the money - especially given that they can be used with most off-the-shelf LF lenses from Fuji, Nikon, Schneider and Rodenstock.


Darcy Cote
14-Oct-2006, 19:56

Bob Salomon
15-Oct-2006, 04:41
Older 72 and 90mm lenses can be converted to the rise version.
The latest version of the Technorama 617 will have a dark slide and a rise mechanism for the lens and Linhof does have a GG back.

The rise mechanism will work on 72, 90 and the new 110 mm lenses and will be retro-fittable to any earlier T617 with interchangeable lenses,