View Full Version : LF back question

6-Oct-2017, 15:28
Wondering if anyone knew what camera this back went to? I tried searching a few places w/o luck.

It's both stamped and stickered Burke and James, and measures 11 1/4 x 11 3/4. None of the usual pins, and it's pretty much flat on the back as you can see. I have two backs, and 4 plate film holders with the same kind of metal plate on the back, but no camera. Any ideas? Thanks!


Jim Jones
7-Oct-2017, 06:06
Is the B&J identification on the film holder itself, or on the larger plate to which it is attached? This device looks like a one-of-a-kind modification like some of us improvise from other camera parts.

7-Oct-2017, 06:17
Mount this on to a shallow box for some WA pinhole fun!!! ;-)

Steve K

7-Oct-2017, 06:52
It's stamped right on the back itself....definately not homemade.