View Full Version : A Group Show at Bistango in Irvine, CA

Hugo Zhang
5-Oct-2017, 18:48
I am participating in a group art show in Irvine Bistango. The show will last for three months and the reception is October 14th, 3-5pm. I have ten pieces of work on display, all contact prints from 4x5 to 16x20. Please stop by if you are in the area and I love to see my photographer friends at the reception. 170561

Jim Fitzgerald
5-Oct-2017, 20:32
Hugo congratulations. I hope to get down to check it out.

Steven Ruttenberg
12-Oct-2017, 22:45
I would go, but I am in Phx then. :(

Hugo Zhang
23-Oct-2017, 12:32
The show was good. The owner of the gallery asked me to set up my camera there as a prop and I had to answer people's question for the entirely two hours: the camera, film, contact printing process and etc. It was good to see my framed pictures on the wall well lighted with spot lights and I was polite and all smiling when people told me how much they liked my pictures and wished they could afford them. Of course no sales at the reception.

At the end of the show, I asked John, the 70 years old owner of the gallery/restaurant, if he wanted to have his picture taken with my wooden camera. I told him I found him a very interesting character and that I liked his wrinkled face as each line seemed to tell a story. I only needed a few minutes to set up my camera as I had to go back to my car to get my 810 reducing back, the lens and some holders. The light was beautiful, but fading fast. I put on my Universal Heliar 42cm lens and set the diffuse to 0 and took a few pictures of him. This one is about one second, f/8. I personally like the portrait.

Jim Fitzgerald
23-Oct-2017, 16:44
Hugo, congratulations again on the show. Yes, they are always interested in the equipment and we have to answer the questions with a smile. Your work is stunning and so personal that I find it hard to imagine that no one purchased an image.

Wish I could afford them. In reality they can. Somehow people do not understand what a wonderful investment it is. Sad but we all suffer this fate. Still we continue on because we love what we do. Beautiful portrait, well seen and captured. Bravo my friend.

Steven Ruttenberg
23-Oct-2017, 18:09
Very nice. Wish I could have gone.